Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mass Oyster's Restoration Activity

Over the past ten years, Mass Oyster has been focused on four goals.
  1. Raising awareness about the importance oysters and oyster restoration.
  2. Oyster restoration (Either directly or through financial support of the programs of others.)
  3. Oyster shell recycling
  4. Legislation to improve the Commonwealth's regulatory environment that has impeded our progress with actual restoration programs. 
This post focuses on where we have been actively working across our coast.

Mass Oyster Project Activity Map
Mass Oyster Project Activity Map 

Working North to South-
  • Ipswich- placing seed oysters for oyster propagation
  • Essex- placing seed oysters for oyster propagation
  • Gloucester- raising seed oysters in partnership with the Maritime Gloucester and soon placing oysters for propagation
  • Boston- placing seed oysters for propagation- placing recycled shell
  • Wellfleet- providing recycled shell and financial support to support restoration/propagation
  • Wareham- providing recycled shell and financial support to support restoration/propagation

Thanks to the hard work of our team the footprint is growing. We have learned a great deal and achieved considerable success.  

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