Friday, January 17, 2014

Row 34-- Workingman's Oyster Bar Now Open at

The Island Creek Oyster Team has done it again. The reviews on its new 'Workingman's Oyster Bar' at 383 Congress St in the Fort Point Channel area are coming back very positive. Row 34 is named after a special row of oysters on the farm that were grown first as an experiment, but had a terrific taste. This tasteful restaurant is adding another dimension to the blossoming neighborhood.

Old Oyster Shell found in excavatin
Oyster Shell Found in Customization of Row 34 Oyster Bar

While it is built in an old location and they discovered oyster shells as they were digging out the basement, the architecture of the bar area is industrial modern. 
Row 34 Oyster Bar Interior Shot
Inside of Row 34

Behind that bar is a very large selection of beers that is slaking the thirsts of a healthy crowd. On the food side, the baked razor clams seem to be coming up a lot in the reviews.

The Island Creek Team has been supportive of Mass Oyster since our first days discussing oyster restoration. We are delighted to see their ongoing success.

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