Thursday, May 23, 2013

Massachusetts Oyster Industry Has Banner Year- 2013 Has a New Challenge

0ne of our Director's captured the following information at a meeting to discuss oyster regulations. 2012 was indeed a very good year for the Massachusetts oyster industry. Over 22 million oysters were harvested, which is an increase of almost 31% over the previous year.

oysters Massachusetts industry statistics
Massachusetts Oyster Harvest 
 This unit volume increase translated into dollars in people's pockets as the dollars to growers grew 60% to $11.6 million. This is good news for the growers and the other people who support the industry such as those that supply grow out equipment or wholesale the product.

Statistics oysters Massachusetts Oyster Harvest  2012
Massachusetts Oyster Harvest Revenues
 The picture is not all roses. The FDA has added additional requirements on the industry regarding the cooling and storage of oysters that will make operations more challenging and costly in 2013. The regulations are in place to prevent Vibrio vulnificus from harming those who eat raw oysters.  Vibrio is a bacteria that commonly exists in warm estuarine waters. Its presence can harm the health of people who are immunocompromised or at risk for infection.  The Commonwealth's record regarding oyster food safety is pretty good and with this additional regulation it is likely to stay that way

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