Friday, May 10, 2013

Cool Massachusetts Beach Application for Summer Swim Guide

Our friends at Mass Baykeepers have begun hosting an application for information on Mass Bay beaches. What the application does is provide water quality information on the various beaches so that the user can know if a beach is open and what the water quality status is. 

You can download it from the app store on itunes, google play, or at  

While it is useful to beach-goers, there are other elements to it as well.  The app is eyeopening as through it one can see the abundance of beaches, the number lost due to water quality in beach postings as well as the opportunity that lies before us.

Here are a list of its functions- 
  • Find your closest beach using list, map, or search tools
  • Discover a wide variety of beaches, ranging from city parks to remote lakes ideal for camping
  • Identify at a glance which beaches are clean for swimming (Green) and which have water quality problems (Red) in real-time
  • Get walking, driving, or transit directions to the beach of your choice
  • Bookmark beaches for easy access
  • Invite your friends to join you at the beach using Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS text messaging
  • Report pollution or environmental concerns
  • The Swim Guide gives you original descriptions with photographs of over 1,500 different beaches so you can learn a bit of history and geography as you explore!