Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mass Oyster on Slideshare Passes 10,000 Views Milestone

From the outset, Mass Oyster sought to inform and educate on the benefits of oyster reef restoration. As part of our communication strategy, we sought to publish key PowerPoint presentations on Slideshare. It quickly became apparent that people had forgotten both the history of oysters here and did not know what they could do for our estuaries.

Apparently, we are achieving some success at getting the word out. We have had over 10,000 views!

oyster reef restoration  slideshare 10,000 views

Here are links to some of the most popular Slideshare presentations.

History of Oysters and Boston Harbor
Cost Effectiveness- Oysters vs. Building Waste Treatment Facilities
Starting an Oyster Shell Recycling Program
Boston's Fort Point Channel- A Photographic Tour

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