Thursday, March 4, 2010

Slow Food and Cambridge Brewery Host Awesome Evening for MOP

The folks at Slow Food Network and the Cambrige Brewery blew us away with a fine repast which maximized the impact of the powerfully good Island Creek Oysters.

Slow Food Slow Food is an organization that originated in Italy and is focused on promoting foods that are local, clean (raised in a healthy way) and good. The meal’s center piece was Island Creek Oysters are raised a short drive South of Boston in Duxbury Bay. Over the last 15 years oyster farming has grown to be the largest industry in the town and the oysters there can cleanse the harbors waters every week. (Each can filter 30 gallons of water per day- or about a bathtub’s volume) Interestingly oysters also are unusual in that a farm raised oyster tastes essentially the same as a wild one raised in the same area.
Special thanks go to

The Island Creek Oyster organization for donating the oysters.
Phil Bannatyne’s team at Cambridge Brewing Co.- who managed a logistically challenging evening with style.

Exec Chef David Drew with his team.

Brewmaster Will Meyers for talking us through 5 courses of wonderful brews.
Brewmaster Will Meyers with MOP Director of Operations Mat Brevard and MOP CFO Tina Gibson

Slowfood Network’s Nicole Nacamuli for putting everyone together.

Laura Kowalski MOP GIS Mapping expert with MOP CSO Rich Bradshaw
Go Shuck An Oyster Blogger Josh Hoch with his lovely wife.
See his write-up at GoShuckAnOyster

Future Physicians from Tufts Sohrab Virk, Neal Kumar, and Abe Malkin