Friday, April 20, 2018

Join us as We Introduce Heal the Harbors Pilsner at the Barking Crab on May 3

Join us as we enjoy Heal the Harbors Pilsner from Blue Point Brewing Company.

We love oysters and beer. Join us at The Barking Crab on Thursday, May 3rd for fresh oysters, live music, and the chance to help restore the native oyster population and heal our harbors. For every pint you toss back of Blue Point's exclusively brewed Heal the Harbors pilsner, 23 oyster shells are recycled into Massachusetts waters. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

Reserve your tickets at this EventBrite Link

All proceeds go to the Massachusetts Oyster Project, learn more at:
This event is open to the public but donations are recommended:

$10 donations will be rewarded with 2 tokens
$20 donations with 5 tokens
$30 donations with 8 tokens

You can redeem each token for one pint of our delicious beer or 5 fresh local oysters, your choice.


  1. What an incredible initiative! The combination of Heal the Harbors Pilsner and fresh oysters at The Barking Crab on May 3rd sounds like a delightful experience. Kudos to Blue Point Brewing Company for their commitment to environmental sustainability by recycling oyster shells. Supporting the Massachusetts Oyster Project through donations is a fantastic way to contribute to a meaningful cause while enjoying a night of great beer, live music, and delicious oysters. Cheers to a win-win event! 🍻🌊 Orden Protección tribunal distrito Nueva Jersey
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