Monday, May 15, 2017

Virginia Oyster Hatchery Jobs

Shellfish Hatchery Job Vacancies
Cherrystone Aqua Farms is currently seeking qualified candidates to fill several new positions and vacancies.  Cherrystone Aqua Farms is a vertically integrated shellfish farming business located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  The company operates two large commercial hatcheries and numerous nurseries throughout the region.  Cherrystone is in the process of constructing a new 10,000 square foot hatchery to expand our production capabilities and meet the demand for current and future needs.  The below positions will be filled when a suitable candidate is obtained.  Please send Cover Letter and Resume to
We are currently accepting applications and resumes for the positions listed below:
1.  Assistant Hatchery Manager-
Duties involve all aspects of hatchery operation and are to include but are not limited to the following:
·       Supervising and executing all aspects of operation in manager’s absence
·       Delegating responsibility and tasks when necessary
·       General hatchery maintenance to maintain equipment and culture systems
·       Duties may require assistance with the rearing of juvenile clams larval, nursery and outside upwelling systems
·       Assist in reporting and monitoring all hatchery logs and records for accuracy.
·       Working Weekends
·       Operation, assistance and monitoring of 24hour call out system and/or emergency situations before, during and after normal working hours
·       Position requires a candidate with Shellfish hatchery experience
*Compensation and Benefits: Salary will be commensurate with experience.
2.  Algae Culture Coordinator
Duties involve all aspects of algae culture and are to include but are not limited to the following:
·       Responsible for preparation and sustainment of facility algae systems
·       Microscopic inspection and counting of Algae when necessary
·       Monitoring and Reporting nutrient, pH and CO2 issues or problems
·       Direction/Organization and/or completion of the transfer and inoculation of all systems including algal stocks
·       Direction/Organization and/or preparation of sterilization of media and equipment
·       Maintaining, routinely cleaning and properly storing all equipment
·       Monitoring and filling algae collection and reservoir tanks
·       Cleaning all water and algae collection tanks as well as filtration system used in the facility
·       Monitor and report supplies and chemicals needed for algae work
·       Assist with 24-hour callout should manager and assistant manager be unavailable
·       This position will oversee the entire hatcheries algae personnel.
·       Willingness to work weekends
*Compensation and Benefits: Salary will be commensurate with experience

3.  Algae Culture Technician
Duties involve all aspects of algae culture and are to include but are not limited to the following:
·       Assist in preparing and sustaining all facility algae systems
·       Monitoring nutrients, pH and CO2 levels
·       Transferring, inoculating and maintaining all algae systems including flask cultures and algal stocks
·       Sterilizing and preparing media and equipment
·       Maintaining, routinely cleaning and properly storing all equipment
·       Filling and monitoring all algae collection and reservoir tanks
·       Cleaning all water and algae collection tanks as well as filtration system used in the facility
·       Assist in other hatchery departments when needed or directed by supervisor
·       Willingness to work weekends
*Compensation and Benefits: Salary 25-35K annual based on knowledge and experience.
4.  Larvae/Nursery Technician

Duties involve all aspects of rearing both larval and juvenile clams in aquaculture nursery and are to include but are not limited to the following.
·       Maintaining brood stock for conditioning including detailed logs with dates of arrival and reconditioning
·       Monitoring brood stock room and tank temperatures as well as feeding levels
·       Routine cleaning of all pipes and pumps filling or feeding the brood stock tanks
·       Clean and monitor feeding reservoirs and timer’s.
·       Clean brood stock on established schedule and as needed, prepare and/or collect water for the following change.
·       Responsible for cleaning clams and feeding clams at or above 200 microns in size in downwelling and upwelling systems
·       Cleaning and assembling cylinders, tanks and associated equipment during and after sieving.
·       Maintaining and cleaning fill lines and pumps as needed
·       Volume and distribute clams in the downwelling and upwelling systems
·       Monitor feed and flow timer and report any issue to supervisor
·       Assist in larval culture including tank cleaning, larval feedings and setting
·       Assist in water collection for larval water changes
·       Willingness to work weekends
*Compensation and Benefits: Salary 25-35K annual based on knowledge and experience.

Tim Rapine
Ballard Fish and Oyster Company


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