Friday, August 19, 2016

Rumney Marsh- A Hidden Gem

In our quest to understand the area's coastal resources we continue to explore and inventory where time and access allows. On a recent Sunday we walked trails in Rumney Marsh and were pleasantly surprised at what we found.

While we had driven by Rumney Marsh many times on Route 1, we had never examined it closely. At one time Route 95 was slated to run right through it, but this highway construction program was halted by Francis Sargent in 1972 in favor of mass transit solutions.

Map of Rumney Marsh Reservation on the Saugus/Revere line.
We were particularly intrigued by the path that follows the old roadbed behind the Northgate Mall. While desolate and a bit creepy due to its solitude, it made for a wonderful walk and trail to explore. 

Map of Trail through Rumney Marsh behind Northgate Mall

The entrance to the trail was at this non-assuming spot behind the Fourpoints Hotel by Sheraton.

View of Rumney Marsh looking North-East by East
View of Rumney Marsh looking East

This point would have once been the location of a highway overpass if the road program was not halted.

 We were able to see quite a few birds of different species and even hoof prints from a deer.

A swirling mass of birds in Rumney Marsh rises above some wetlands at low tide. 

Rumney Marsh at the edge of Route 1 at low tide. We saw no oysters or shells, although there were many small mussels on the rocks by the overpass.
Two abandoned bridges where the extension of 95 would have connected with Route 1.

A collection of cans and plastic debris we collected in our travels. Whenever we explore, we have learned that there is ample debris to fill several bags. Every little bit helps.
If you want to learn a bit more about this wetland or possibly get involved in helping it you could explore participation through this Facebook group.


  1. Entrance here is gated off as of 5/25/21

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