Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How To Order a Pair of Oyster Sneakers From Converse

converse oyster sneaker image
Converse Oyster Sneaker
We had a number of favorable comments about our oyster sneakers that were custom made for us at the Boston Converse Store.

The store is located at

160 N Washington St, Boston, MA 02114  This is on LoveJoy wharf and part of the Converse World headquarters. It is very near the Fleet Center/TD Garden

The phone number is (617) 248-9530
You can email them at lovejoymaestros@converse.com

You can send them this pattern.
Image of oyster pattern
Oyster print
You can then specify your size, background color, degree of printing, etc.

Helpful Converse Employee

If you order from this location, you can get the freedom trail red stripe on the soles too.

Converse Oyster Sneaker with Freedom Trail Stripe
Custom made Converse Oyster Sneaker with Freedom Trail Stripe sole.

Please tell them that Mass Oyster Project sent you and that they should support us by hosting an oysterfest at the store!


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