Thursday, July 23, 2015

Job Opportunity NOAA

It may not be oyster restoration on the coasts, but Ann Arbor, Michigan is a nice town.

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Subject: Position available to support NOAA's Restoration Center in Great Lakes

The NOAA Restoration Center has a contract with ERT, Inc to provide technical support services for our habitat restoration projects.  ERT is seeking a habitat restoration specialist to support our program activities in the Great Lakes region.  This individual will work out of the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab in Ann Arbor, MI.  The restoration specialist will have his or her own portfolio of restoration projects and  support evaluation, identification, prioritization, design, implementation and monitoring of habitat restoration projects throughout the Great Lakes.  An individual is sought with a degree in coastal or aquatic sciences, fishery biology, ecology, hydrology, water resources, or related field.  Please see the link below.


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  4. NOAA is offering a job opportunity in environmental science and conservation, allowing individuals to contribute their expertise and passion to protecting the planet's oceans, atmosphere, and wildlife. This opportunity is part of NOAA's commitment to research and stewardship, aiming to make a difference for future generations.
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