Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Internships in Shellfish Aquaculture Virginia


Ballard Fish and Oyster Company

2015 Internship Program

Ballard Fish and Oyster Company (BFOC) ( is recruiting students/individuals for our 2015 class of interns.  BFOC is a vertically integrated shellfish aquaculture company whose focus is on the production of hard clams and eastern oysters.  Internships are available throughout the range of aquaculture production operations; including hatchery, nursery, and field grow out.

We will recruit up to 8 interns to fill positions ranging in duration from seasonal to yearly.   Individuals will be selected to work in areas of responsibility such as those listed below. 

Example internships include but are not limited to the following
·         All daily aspects of maintenance/operation in shellfish hatchery: spawning, larval culture, post-set maintenance and algae culture. 
·         Nursery culture of shellfish seed.
·         Maintenance of floating upweller system for eastern oyster spat/seed.
·         Grading of hard clam and oyster seed.
·         Working with spat on shell – setting and distribution.
·         Planting of hard clams and eastern oyster seed/spat.
·         Bed maintenance for hard clams.
·         Harvest of hard clams and eastern oysters.
·         Field husbandry on eastern oysters.
·         Internships are paid at a rate to be negotiated during hiring, and would vary with previous experience
·         Interns will work a minimum of 35 hour week, which may include scheduled weekends and holidays. 
·         Duration of internships is flexible, ranging from seasonal to year long.
·         All interns must be at least 18 years of age.
·         Ballard Fish and Oyster will provide housing for all interns.
·         The company does not pay for travel to and from work.
·         The company will provide any necessary gear for all tasks.
To apply, please send resume and statement of interest to Tim Rapine ( and reference the intern position.

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