Monday, November 24, 2014

New York's Oyster Bar Restaurant Review

After hearing for years about the Oyster Bar Restaurant on the lower level of  New York's Grand Central Station, we were able to drop in for a visit to check out this iconic landmark last week. 

Oyster Bar Restaurant  Door New York Grand Central Station
Located well underground in Grand Central Station a legendary oyster purveyor awaits.
Located well below ground beneath tiled, vaulted ceilings the restaurant's bright lighting imbues a bright atmosphere.  There were four seating areas, conventional restaurant seating, a lounge area (that looked lie a cool place for a work sponsored cocktail hour,) a kind of bizarre series of counter peninsulas with white Formica counters that are reminiscent of restaurant in a Woolworths, and finally the long bar itself. 

Since it was toward the end of the working day, we were able to claim two seats at the bar after a short wait. There we sat beside two lovely tourists from Canada. 

The Oyster Bar at New York's Oyster Bar Restaurant
The waiter provided a solid menu with many seafood choices as well as an impressive array of oysters. The oysters came from up  and down both coasts. What we liked most about the menu was that it offered a large size option to several types of oysters at a very modes upcharge.  Since the writer likes his oysters big, this was a real pleasant surprise. The oysters were priced around $3.50 each. 

Oyster Bar Restaurant Oyster Restoration
A dozen large oysters at Grand Central Station's Oyster Bar Restaurant

Overall, this is a stop that should be on any oyster lover's bucket list simply because of its landmark status, unikque nature and solid array of the world's favorite mollusk. Before returning, we would seek out other options in Gotham City. 

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