Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shellfish Aquaculture Overview-- Bob Rheault's Presentation Provides a Fascinating Look

While Mass Oyster is focused on restoring oysters, we follow the shellfish aquaculture arena for several reasons. First, aquaculture creates a constituency who has a vested interest in clean waters, biodiversity and jobs. Second, a healthy demand for product helps creates a natural base of interested advocates for restoration. And finally, there frequently is a byproduct of oysters being seeded by reproducing oysters. Many abuters to oyster farms are happily reporting that they are seeing oysters popping up on their shore fronts and tidelands. 

A few things struck us in reading through it. 
1. There are jobs being created here. Good, honest, jobs producing something of value.

oyster restoration not happening in NJ
NJ Governor Chris Christie needs to put down that donut and pick up a dozen oysters. They are all protein and it is almost impossible to get fat on them. 

2. One of the least progressive states for oyster restoration is New Jersey, but interestingly it has little oyster industry. This is odd. Apparently Governor Christie has missed an opportunity to create jobs that Maryland and Rhode Island have capitalized on. 

Duxbury, MA  Duxbury Mass,  Oyster Grounds
Duxbury Vying to be the new Massachusetts Oyster Capital

3. Duxbury is rising in ascendancy as an oyster production zone in Massachusetts. Can they surpass Wellfleet? They are not even on the Cape!

Check it out.

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