Saturday, May 3, 2014

Job Opportunity- Shellfish and Finfish Position Open in North Carolina

North Carolina Sea Grant Extension Program
Marine Aquaculture Extension Specialist
Morehead City, NC

Develop extension programming related to marine aquaculture (shellfish and finfish) at the local, state and regional levels, so as to advance a safe, secure and sustainable supply of marine aquaculture products to meet increasing public seafood demand.

Support new market initiatives including business development and enhancing existing business profitability, while conserving natural resources and strengthening coastal communities.

NC State supports a Sea Grant Program

Initiate and nurture partnerships with federal, state and local agencies to develop a coordinated approach to serving these specific clientele groups and the general public. Increase the demand and identify new market channels for North Carolina marine aquaculture products.

Details and application instructions:

John F. (Jack) Thigpen III, PhD
Extension Director
North Carolina Sea Grant Program
North Carolina State University
1575 Varsity Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27695-8605

(919) 515-3012

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