Monday, February 17, 2014

Oyster Restoration Job Opportunities-- Gloucester, Virginia

Have degree-- will travel? Here is an opportunity to work with oysters in Virginia. 

CBF is now recruiting for 2 Virginia Oyster Restoration positions based at our Oyster Restoration Center in Gloucester, VA.

1.      The VA Oyster Restoration Specialist will have substantial responsibilities for the day-to-day operation of CBF’s Virginia Oyster Restoration Program in Gloucester County, Virginia, and will assist the Virginia Oyster Restoration Manager with the operation of a remote setting facility in collaboration with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science to produce up to 10 million spat on shell seed oysters annually. The position will also assist with the production, setting, and deployment of reef balls to be used as alternative oyster habitats, and a statewide shell recycling program/effort.  The position will assist the Hampton Roads staff with maintenance and expansion of the Virginia Oyster Gardening Program.

2.      The VA Oyster Restoration Assistant is a temporary seasonal position to last until approx. November, 2014 and will be implemental in assisting and facilitating oyster restoration events with CBF volunteers, as well as participating in field work with the Oyster Restoration Specialist.

For the full job announcement of both positions & application instructions, please see or message me directly!

Thank you!
Kristen Diggs
Associate Director of Human Resources

Chesapeake Bay Foundation
6 Herndon Ave.
Annapolis, MD 21403
443-482-2007 direct
443-482-2022 fax


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