Thursday, December 12, 2013

Restore Aquatic Habitat in Massachusetts- Job Opening

This just in from the Commonwealth's Division of Ecological Restoration.

An important goal of this transition is to quickly restore staff capacity.  Toward that end, we have just posted a vacancy announcement for an Aquatic Habitat Restoration Specialist.  This position will serve as a senior restoration project manager.  The deadline for applications is January 8, 2014.  A copy of the announcement is posted on the DER website home page, and can also be viewed on the Commonwealth’s Employment Opportunities website.  Please help us spread the word to groups, lists, and individuals that might be interested.

Once you are hired- Mass Oyster would like to work with you. There is $100 million in Hurricane Sandy recovery grants waiting to be awarded. It would be great if we could lock arms and bring a piece of that to the Bay State. Mass Oyster cannot do it  alone. We need  the support of the State to capture those funds and create those jobs.