Friday, March 16, 2012

Boston Seafood Show Rocks! Shucking Competiton--- Customized Shucking Knives-- MOP Hat spotted at University of VA

Boston Seafood Show Rocks! 

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the International Boston Seafood Show at the Convention Center. To a lover of seafood it was an amazing thrill with purveyors of seafood from all over the world with beautiful product layouts that would make the seafood case at Whole Foods Market cry in envy. There was aisle after of aisle of seafood including salmon, shrimp, cod, lobster and (of course) oysters  from all over the world. In many cases samples were offered and happily accepted. And these folks now how to cook their wares!

An aisle at the Boston Seafood Show
Seafood From Hawaii
This firm specialized in crustaceans.

Crab Legs
We also spent a good deal of time with the team at Pangea Shellfish. We had been introduced to them by the management of Mercato del Mar and they have been supportive of MOP. It was amazing to hear what these folks know about oysters. 
Ben and a colleague from Boston's Pangea Shellfish

Perhaps one of the most intriguing oysters in their inventory were wild oysters from Onset Mass. They had a unique shape with high ridges. Why is the unique shape of interest? Well it is believed that there were once several unique 'races' of oyster. I have read of at least 3, but heard people in the field refer to 7 and even 9. After the oysters began running out in Boston and to a lesser extent the Cape, oystermen began importing seed oysters from Virginia into Massachusetts waters including the Neponsett River. The growers would let them grow out to market size, harvest them and take them to sell. Over time there must have been extensive interbreeding leading to oyster shell shape being similar all over the East Coast. Could it be that Onset never had the influx of non-native oysters? Could it be that this is close to the oyster that the Pilgrims ate? They are on my list to check out as soon as I can.

Wild Onset Oysters

More Pangea Oysters
Virginia Oysters on the Half Shell

Two unhappy attendees of the show.

Oyster Shucking Competition

Most major oyster events hold a shucking competition (MOP has even hosted a few.) and the International Boston Seafood Show is no exception. This years winner was a gentleman, David Leck  from Taylor SeaFoods who had traveled from Washington State.  After several years of trying he landed the Gold.  David shucked 12 oysters in 83.5 seconds to capture the $700 first prize. That is an amazing 7 seconds each! Congratulations Dave.

Custom Engraved Oyster Shucking Knives

If you are looking into a gift for a special event. We found a site that will manufacture custom shucking knives with a name or saying engraved on the blade. You can visit to learn more and place an order.

MOP Hat Sited at the University of Virginia

Jose Mayora was a fast learner at our recent shucking event at Mercato Del Mar.


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