Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dive Team Places Monitoring Equipment Despite Snowfall

One of the most inspiring aspects of MOP is the dedication of our volunteers. This past Sunday our dive team walked through snow to get to the dive site to get in and place temperature sensing I-buttons. When meeting them I told them never to contact me to testify pm their behalf at a mental competency hearing as this seemed crazy to me. I was cold just watching them.


The I-buttons are low-cost devices that can record water temperature every four hours over a year. We are curious to see what kind of variation we may see as the readings may be impacted by tides, flows from the Charles, depths and location. We learned about the technology at a Coastal Environmental Senxing Networks conference at UMass Boston this Summer. This portion of the Project is being spearheaded by Rich Bradshaw.

Here is a link to the Picazza  photo album of the day.Snowy I-Button Dive

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