Thursday, October 22, 2009

Island Creek- More than oysters Looking good for Sunday Placement

MOP is buying 50,000 seed oysters for Sunday's placement event from Island Creek Oysters. These guys have been terrific in terms of sharing information, moral support, etc. But they do more than sell their delicious oysters to the finest restaurants around the country. They have a foundation that is involved in numerous charities, these extend from Duxbury to helping develop sustainable aquaculture in parts of Africa!

They also do more than oysters. Tonight my family will be feasting on scallops and razor clams we purchased through their on-line store. Here is the link-Island Creek Store

It looks like things are looking good for Sunday. We have an awesome group of volunteers coming to pitch in and have fun. (This crew would make a terrific cocktail party invitation list- with college professors, bloggers, scientists, environmentalists, teachers, divers, students and more.)

The weather appears to be cooperating, but we place them rain or shine.

Let the oysters flourish!

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