Monday, May 18, 2020

Contribute to the cause

Hello Friends of MOP,
We wanted to wish everyone good health and well being during this trying time and to let you know what we are up to, our work continues!!
As you may know we are an all-volunteer organization so our commitment to our projects are ongoing! We are currently getting ready for our oyster upweller growing season in three locations, Hyannis, Gloucester and Marblehead, MA. We are also looking forward to partnering with a group on the island of Nantucket for an upweller program this summer.
It is a very difficult time for all non-profit groups right now especially those that are grassroots like ours. One of our biggest expenses is our upweller program, specifically the cost of the oyster seed that we provide to all of our upweller sites. Like many others some of our fundraising activities had to be canceled to keep our group and the public safe. Also, like many other grassroots organizations we run on a very tight budget.
Andrew Hutlin at Gloucester restoration site
Every Little Bit Helps
We have been able to provide nearly 1/2 million oysters back to the waters of Massachusetts over the past 3 years. Oysters which help cleanse the water, provide a habitat for other marine life and also are a very good protein food source. We are hoping to put in another 250,000 – 300,000 this year.
If you believe in our mission, in how important oysters are to our ecosystems and to the habitats they provide please consider making a donation to our cause today! Every dollar counts and this year more than ever we could use your help. Our upweller program costs roughly $10,000/ year. A small donation can help us to continue our program and our mission of keeping oysters thriving in Massachusetts waterways.
We use the ActBlue and also Benevity platforms for donations and they support company match programs. So if your company is one of those who partners with ActBlue or Benevity please let them know you are making a donation, or better still if they are not, ask them to sign up.
From the Team at MOP – Stay well and enjoy the arrival of spring!!
Contribute To The Cause

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