Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prepare for a Career in Oyster Restoration with a Job in Beutiful Cape May

Seasonal Technicians: Rutgers University Shellfish Research Laboratory and the New Jersey Aquaculture Innovation Center. Laboratory and field-oriented positions in several areas of shellfish biology including aquaculture, genetics, physiology, and parasitology. Position start dates from February through May 2015. Salary $11.00-$11.50/hr ($440-$460/week).

Dormitory facilities are available at all three laboratories. We are seeking talented undergraduates or recent college graduates who have interest in any of the above-mentioned areas. Interviews will begin in February 2015 and continue until all positions are filled. Send resume and cover letter to: Gregory DeBrosse, Haskin Shellfish Research Lab, 6959 Miller Avenue, Port Norris, NJ  08349



     Hourly technician positions for undergraduates and recent college graduates are available at our laboratory. The Culture Technician positions will be located at our NJ Aquaculture Innovation Center site in North Cape May, NJ and begin February, March, April, and May. The remaining positions are located at Cape Shore Laboratory sited on the shore of Delaware Bay, approximately ten miles from Cape May, NJ.  The rate of pay for the Spring Technician position will be $11.50/hr ($460/wk).  This position will begin ~late February/early March 2015 and continue through approximately mid-December 2015.  The rate of pay for all summer positions will be $11.00/hr ($440/wk).  Dormitory accommodations are available at both facilities, for a fee set by the University.  The summer positions begin in mid-May to early June and continue until approximately mid-August. We also encourage students associated with internship programs to apply.  Descriptions of the general duties of each of the positions are given below.  Additional information can be viewed at our website;   Anyone interested is encouraged to apply as soon as possible.  Send a resume and cover letter (including which positions you would prefer, if any) to:



                                                            Gregory A. DeBrosse

                                              Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory

                                        Rutgers NJ Agricultural Experiment Station

6959 Miller Avenue

                                                           Port Norris, NJ  08349



    SPRING TECHNICIAN - During the spring and fall, the responsibilities of this position will be varied and will include duties in the hatchery, field, and laboratory as needed.  During the summer research period, along with the laboratory Field Manager, is responsible for the care and maintenance of over 300 bushels of experimental oysters confined to bags on our tidal flats.  These oysters are progeny groups generated by our long-standing and continuing program in oyster genetics and breeding.  Much of the work week is spent on the tidal flats in front of the laboratory.  Duties include tray and bag maintenance, collection of biological data on progeny groups, and maintenance of our 75,000 gallon land-based nursery and holding systems.


    CULTURE TECHNICIAN – These positions will be located at the New Jersey Aquaculture Innovation Center located in North Cape May, NJ. Duties associated with these positions include microalgal culture, assisting in spawning of bivalve molluscs, rearing of larvae and post-set juveniles, maintenance of hatchery larval and downweller tanks and nursery upweller raceway tanks and equipment.


       FIELD TECHNICIAN - Assist the laboratory Field Manager in the care and maintenance of shellfish brood stock located in our quarantine, nursery, and field grow out systems.  Position responsibilities require working outside in all weather conditions, ATV operation, and some lifting.


     HATCHERY TECHNICIAN - Duties associated with these positions include assisting in spawning of bivalve molluscs, rearing of larvae and post-set juveniles, daily record keeping, maintenance of hatchery and nursery grow-out system tanks and equipment, and micro-algal culture. Attention to detail is critical in these positions.

Gregory A. DeBrosse
Rutgers University Shellfish Research Lab
Director, Cape Shore Laboratory
Manager, NJ Aquaculture Innovation Center
6959 Miller Avenue
Port Norris, NJ  08349
Phone: (609)463-0633
Fax: (609)463-0299


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