Monday, January 26, 2015

Massachusetts Legislation to Foster Oyster Shell Recycling and Oyster Restoration

Oyster reef restoration
Senator Richard J. Ross of Wrentham is introducing draft legislation for the 2015 docket that is a landmark for oyster restoration in the Commonwealth. The draft bill contains language creating a tax credit for restaurants that recycle their oyster shell for oyster restoration. 

Richard J. Ross supports Oyster Restoration
Massachusetts State Senator Richard J. Ross files legislation supporting oyster restoration

This bill is a bellweather event as 2015 is the first year in which legislation has been filed in support of oyster restoration. We see three important benefits resulting from this groundbreaking effort. First, it puts oyster restoration on the table for discussion and we are just scratching at the surface of the potential for this valuable opportunity here in the Bay State. Second, it will allow us to engage our legislators constructively to work to build coalitions for further work. Finally, it also sends a message to the State's oyster regulatory authorities that the tide of public opinion is moving in favor of this important activity.

Sarah Peaks sponsors shell cultching bill supports oyster restoration
Massachusetts Representative Sarah K. Peake is working to streamline processes for oyster restoration.
It has also come to our attention that Representative Sarah K. Peake of Provincetown has introduced legislation to streamlining the regulatory process to obtain authorization for placing cultch for oyster restoration.

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