Friday, March 7, 2014

Young Oyster Researcher Growing Up

One of the fun aspects of being part of the Oyster Project is watching the development of the young people; seeing them mature, work in ocean research, head off to college and begin careers

Three years ago Mass Oyster helped a Wellesley College student with her Freshman Science Project. She had interest in oyster restoration and ocean acidification. She looked at oysters and the impact of acidity on their shell weight. As she described it Nicole learned a great deal about experimental design and oysters.

Oyster Scientist Nicole Lobodzinski
Wellesley Senior Nicole Lobodzinski

Nicole is a senior and is now seeking a job, possibly in environmental consulting. She will be meeting with one of our Board Members who is active in the field.

Now the fun part- In the video below she is talking about Cambridge's Front Park with Renata von Tscharner, president of the Charles River Conservancy.


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