Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oyster Restoration Movie At Zygomates Draws Nice Crowd.

Last night Mass Oyster joined the Oyster Century Club for a showing of the movie Shellshocked, a documentary that outlines the history of oysters in New York as well as the efforts of a 28 organization coalition to restore them to areas including Brooklyn and the Hudson River.
The film also discusses the tremendous environmental benefits of oysters; sheltering 300 other species of sea life as well and cleansing the seawater.
The event was organized by food writer Jacqueline Church who runs the Oyster Century Club. The Club is for oyster lovers with incentives for those who have passed milestones in sampling a variety of the bivalves. They host tastings and events.

jaqcqueline Church Food Writer Oyster lover
Jacqueline Church Food Writer

To complement the movie, Abigail Carroll of Nonesuch Oysters out of Biddeford Pool Maine provided a sampling. And her oysters had a wonderful grassy finish on the palate.  Abigail sort of fell into the oyster industry when she began helping someone with a business plan and inherited the start-up when the initial founder dropped out.

Oysterwoman Abigail Carroll
Abbigail Carroll of Nonesuch Oysters

She did not speak extensively. But she should have. Check out her Ted Talk.

Fortunately, her business is blossoming and is now getting ready to expand distribution beyond her home state and establish distribution into the Hub.
Nonesuch Oysters
The venue for the event, Zygomates is an award winning wine bar-restaurant on South Street, a stone’s throw from South Station. It has a nice ambiance, great service, and on certain evenings –Free Jazz.
Professor Ana-Marija Frankic of the Green Boston Harbor Project also spoke about her work to create salt marsh and other natural features in Boston Harbors and her involvement in oyster restoration in Wellfleet. She supervises an intern funded by Mass Oyster.

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