Friday, August 30, 2013

Maps of Atwood's Mystic River Oyster Farm That Supplied Atwood's (Union) Oyster House

As a follow-up to a previous post, below is a map showing White Island from the collection at the Boston Public Library.

Map of Atwoods Oyster flats Mystic River Massachusetts
Map of Mystic River and White Island

And a friend of Mass Oyster has supplied survey maps of Atwood's oyster grounds in the Mystic River. Several of our public servants have doubted the presence of oysters in the Mystic River. Hopefully the growing body of evidence will convince them otherwise.

Myatic River Massachusetts Atwood Oyster Grounds
Map of Atwood oyster grounds in Mystic River

White Island Mystic River Massachusetts with Atwood Oyster Grounds
Map of White Island Mystic River including Atwood oyster grounds

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