Monday, March 26, 2012

Oyster Night at Harpoon Brewery Oysters Survive Winter Well

Oyster Night at Harpoon Brewery

MOP will be holding its Second Annual Oyster Night at Harpoon Brewery on Wednesday April 18th from 5:30-7:30 pm. There is a suggested admission donation of $10 per share. Beers are free and oysters are $1 each. There will be our raffle for oyster prizes as well. You can register or pre-order oysters through this link at the Mass Oyster Store- MOP Store. There is free parking and you can get directions here.

Oysters Appear to be Doing Well

We checked on the oysters this weekend and they appear to be doing well. Perhaps this is the result of a mild winter (the second warmest on record according to the Blue Hill observatory) or careful placement. Last Fall we marked the drop spot very carefully and boat-captain Dave Wolfe used laser-like precision on the drops. We did make one mistake, which is that we did not separate out dead shells in the placement, which makes it harder to determine absolute mortality.

There still remains one question, which is how will they do as the water warms. Will we see the predation from green crabs and starfish that we saw previously. Or will this placement show better success. Dives later this year will tell us a great deal.


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