Friday, July 17, 2015

Visit to Maritime Gloucester Museum Offers Upside Surprise

While Gloucester is well known for its fishing heritage and its classic sculpture in the Fisherman's Memorial, we recently had the pleasure of holding a MOP Board Meeting at the Maritime Gloucester Museum.

It is an interesting spot with touch tanks to see fish and aquatic habitats. We were glad to see some oysters among the crabs, rays and other fish.

There also were interactive exhibits including a model rope walk.

They also have a workshop to repair wooden boats, a space for children's classes such as making a remote operated underwater vehicle, and boats. Those boats include pilot dinghies for rowing and two sailboats.
A pilot dinghy rowing team gets set to head out for an evening on the water as the Schooner Ardelle hoists sail.

Perhaps most impressive is the restored fishing sloop that can accommodate up to 90 people for events.

It was once used for cod fishing and has a fascinating story as related to us by a helpful and knowledgable museum employee.

Our helpful guide fills in Boardmember Julie Viola on the ship's history and restoration.

On the Sloop's Deck
Looking towards the bow.
There even is a salty exhibit space below with diving bells and other cool stuff.  If you are looking for a good day trip with the kids, Gloucester is well worth the visit. And there are many restaurants serving fresh (fresh =good) seafood!

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