Thursday, April 11, 2013

You Are Invited! April 24 Oyster Tasting- Volunteers Turn Out to Build Infra-Structure for Shell Recycling

Come join us for quality beer and oysters at Harpoon Brewery!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

If you like cold beer, warm soft pretzels, and oysters, you will not want to miss MOP at Harpoon Brewery on 306 Northern Ave.  Harpoon has a new tasting room where friends of MOP (that's you) will enjoy a beer tasting and oysters. While the tickets are moving briskly, there still are some left. You can reserve a ticket by visiting the following link. Mass Oyster Harpoon Event

Boston's Harpoon Brewery Hosts Oyster Restoration Supporters

Celebrants at a previous oyster night at Harpoon Brewery


Volunteers Turn-out to Build Infra-Structure for Oyster Shell Recycling Program

Recently, a team turned out to build drying trays for our oyster shell recycling program. We like to get the oyster shell dry as quickly as possible as it reduces odor. The trays facilitate that drying and serve as a tool for storing them and tracking their vintage. 

oyster restoration oyster shell recycling
The team hard at work.

volunteers Lucas oyster shell recycling
Lucas has also helped out with measuring oysters at our Charles River location.

Jake Levy demonstrates his prowess with a hammer.  He studies at St. Sebastian's.

recycling oyster shell volunteer oyster restoration
Brenden Buckley is off to Dartmouth next year.

Theresa and Ed survey the work in progress.

A team of young men from Wellesley came out and honed their carpentry skills under the tutelage of our Oyster Shell Recycling Program Director, Terry Baybutt. Terry is steadily building and expanding the program with a growing list of participants. Recently, the North End Fish Market to the program and we received shells from the Boston Seafood Show via Nagle Seafoods.

The shell mus be aged for a lengthy period. Once aged it can be used either at a hatchery or at a restoration site with existing reproducing oysters. Hatcheries will use the shell for tiny young floating oysters to attach to and grow. When placed on site, the oysters are laid on the bottom so that free-floating young oysters have a place to settle. Last year we dropped off a load for use at Wellfleet.

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