Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Barbara Lynch Supporter of Oyster Restoration Honored

In the January 2013 issue of Food Arts, a restaurant industry trade magazine, Barbara Lynch is honored with the prestigious Silver Spoon award for Sterling performance. The Boston Chef/Restaurateur "whose inspiring achievements during both the best and worst of economic times have redrafted the blueprint for fine dining management..."
Barabara Lynch Restaraunteur  Oyster Restoration Supporter
Barbara Lynch (photo from Food Arts)
The Food Arts write up contains a profile that is quite inspiring. She emerged from the South Boston housing projects she went on to work under Todd English and then to establishing No.9 Park, B&G oysters, Menton and others.
Food Arts January 2013
We came to know her as B&G Oysters reached out to MOP to support oyster restoration with the Oyster International Event in May 2008. Since then that oyster fest has grown as well as our participation in it. We advanced to recycling oyster shell that has been used in  projects in Wellfleet and Boston.

Mass Oyster congratulates her on her success and complements her on the fine staff she has groomed as they area  joy to work with. 

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